£47.46 (£56.95 inc tax)

14.5"x11", 37.5x27.5cm, 12hpi Needlepoint Kit

£56.24 (£67.49 inc tax)

14"x14", 36x36cm, 12hpi Needlepoint Design

£56.24 (£67.49 inc tax)

14"x14", 36x36cm, 10hpi Needlepoint Design

From: £44.58 (ex tax)

11.75″x11.25″, 30x29cm, 12hpi Needlepoint kit

£39.13 (£46.96 inc tax)

12.6"x9", 32x24cm, 12hpi Needlepoint Kit

£48.33 (£58.00 inc tax)

16.5"x12", 41.5x30.5cm, 14hpi Charted Needlepoint Design

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