Repeating satin stitch used to create patterns, worked in wool on canvas. Charted Bargello kits by The Coleshill Collection and Nini Fuller.


Beadwork designs where part of the design is completely worked in beads.  Beadwork kits designed by Eliza McClellland.


Blackwork designs are usually monochromatic, using black thread on fabric.  Blackwork kits designed by Marion Thorpe and The Mary Jane Collection.

Canvas Embroidery

Mixed embroidery stitches in wool on canvas. Charted Canvas Embroidery kits, Outline Printed Canvas Embroidery kits and Canvas Embroidery charts. Designers include: Canvas Works; Caroline Denoon Duncan; Carol Yates; Coleshill and Nini Fuller.

Crewel Embroidery

Crewel Embroidery kits.  Crewel Embroidery is also known as Crewel Work and Jacobean Embroidery.  Designers include: The Coleshill Collection; The Crewel Work Company and The Mary Jane Collection.

Cross Stitch

Charted Cross Stitch kits and Cross Stitch chart packs.  Designers include:  Bold Sheep; Bothy Threads; Coleshill Collection; Marian Thorpe; Mary Jane Collection; Millennia Designs; Stitching Shed and Travellers Tales.


Hand Embroidery kits using a mix of threads and fabrics to create landscapes. Designed by Rowandean.



Goldwork uses metallic threads on fabric to create luxurious designs.  Goldwork kits designed by The Mary Jane Collection.


Needlepoint / Tapestry

Printed Needlepoint kits, Charted Needlepoint kits and Printed Needlepoint canvases.  Designers include: Animal Fayre; Beth Russell; Cleopatra’s Needle; Coleshill Collection; Dundonald Designs; Emily Peacock; Fei Collection; Fine Cell Work; Firefly Designs; Glorafilia; Jill Gordon; One Off; Primavera; Stitchery and Susan Lethbridge.


Ribbon Embroidery

Ribbon Embroidery designs use a mix of embroidery stitches and ribbons to create designs filled which have a slight 3D feel.  Ribbon Embroidery kits designed by The Mary Jane Collection.



A mix of wedding, anniversary, birth samplers, stitch samplers and designs incorporating alphabets, numbers and sayings. Cross Stitch, Needlepoint and Canvas Embroidery Samplers.  Designers include: Bold Sheep, Marion Thorpe, Coleshill Collection; Fei Collection, Nini Fuller and Stitching Shed.



Stumpwork is a form of embroidery where the design is  padded and raised to create 3D effects.  Stumpwork kits designed by The Coleshill Collection.



Tramme kits have the design printed on the canvas and long stitches over the main design. When you work the design you stitch over these long stitches, giving the central design a raised look.  They come with enough wool for the central design.  Additional wool is required for the background.  Tramme Kits designed by Stitchery.

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