Paterna Wool - Skeins

Paterna Crewel Wool -Skeins

Paterna Persian Yarn (also called Paternayan) is a loosely twisted stranded yarn made from 100% wool. Each skein is 8 yards long. There are 20 skeins in a Paterna Hank. If you are not sure about your colours click here to see all the shades.

Paterna is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain.  As a result we have listed the skeins we have in stock.  If the colour is listed we should have at least 1 skein of the colour.  If you wish to check exact stock levels or only wish to receive a complete order, please contact us or put a note on your order to this effect.  Otherwise we will send what we can and refund as necessary.

£0.72  (£0.86 inc tax) per unit

Colour/Code Qty
100 - Taupe
102 - Taupe
422 - Coffee Brown
470 - Toast Brown
Colour/Code Qty
514 - Old Blue
696 - Christmas Green
706 - Christmas Green
740 - Tabacco
Colour/Code Qty
761 - Daffodil
D143 - Donkey Brown
D419 - Cinnamon

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