Stitch Dictionary

Amazing effects can be achieved by using different stitches.  Canvas embroidery is simply needlepoint using stitches a variety of stitches.  These stitches lie better if worked in a 2ply crewel wool, such as Appleton Crewel or Paterna, rather than a thicker yarn.

Many of our canvas embroidery designs use over 50 different stitches, creating a patchwork of textures in only a few colours.  We have details of how to do over 150 different stitches on-line.  The stitches are grouped by type.  Each stitch has a sewn sample and a clear diagram.  When following the stitch diagrams, stitch in the direction of the arrow.  Always remember to pass your needle through the vertically and don't scoop.

Box Stitches
Cross Stitches
Diagonal Stitches
Diamond Stitches
Eye Stitches
Flower Stitches
Good Background Stitches
Good Border Stitches
Leaf Stitches
Light Reflecting Stitches
Miscellaneous Stitches
Plaited Stitches
Smooth Stitches
Straight Stitches (Horizontal and Vertical)
Tied Stitches
Very Textured Stitches




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